About the design

Ring shape

The wind turbine is designed and patented with a ring-shaped structure. Without a  main driving shaft and heavy nacelle, the ring divides incoming forces equally across itself. Its aerodynamic shape allows wind to slide past it easily, decreasing pressure on the ring.


Inside the nacelle lies a ring-shaped generator. The rotor directly drives the generator, which is made up of scalable generator units. There are no gears and no gearbox. High redundancy allows repairs to take place without human interference; should one generator unit fail, another takes over automatically. An innovative bearing system results in little friction and an airgap speed of 25 m/s.


The blades are shorter and wider compared to traditional wind turbines. They experience more lift and less pressure. Blades can be replaced or taken off entirely. 

Carbon reinforced composite

The wind turbine mainly consists of Carbon Reinforced Composite. It weighs just a fraction of the current model and is not affected by wind, salt, rain or oxidation.

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